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Hotels.com Hotel Price Index 2016
  • UK Top Spenders

• Top spenders: Middle Easterners at £196 per night
• Thriftiest: Polish at £83 per night
• Largest spending increase: Icelanders at +12%
• Largest spending decrease: Turkish at -10%
  • 2016 saw a sizeable gap between the highest and lowest paying nationalities looking for UK accommodation, with a difference of £113 per night.
  • In general, most nationalities paid more to stay in the UK in 2016 than in 2015, as travellers from 24 inbound countries experienced an increase in their average prices paid per night, six remained unchanged and only nine fell. However, the majority of these percentage increases were slight at less than 5%.
  • Travellers from Iceland and the Czech Republic experienced the biggest average price increases, while Turkish visitors benefitted from the largest price drops.
  • Similar to 2015, visitors from the Middle East paid the most per night on average once again in 2016, with travellers from South Africa and the USA completing the top three.
  • Globetrotters from Europe, Latin America and Asia made up the rest of the top 10, with Russian travellers spending the most out of all the UK’s European visitors.
  • At the other end of the scale, Europeans also spent the least on average in 2016, since all of the 10 lowest spending nationalities were from Europe. Visitors from Poland, the Czech Republic and Spain were the thriftiest, managing to stretch their budget the furthest for a night’s stay in the UK.


The average price paid per night for a hotel room in the UK in 2016 compared with 2015 by visiting country/region

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