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Hotels.com Hotel Price Index™ 2017
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Average hotel room prices paid by Finnish travellers by star rating during 2017 in 30 popular destinations

Looking for a budget weekend away, just for a change, or a luxury break for that special occasion? Then check out the price by star rating information shown here to see how to stretch your budget that little bit further. For instance, if value is more important than location, 5-star accommodation in many destinations off the beaten track can be booked for the same amount as lower star categories in more familiar locations. Fancy an upgrade? Moving up a star rating may not cost as much as you think. And alternatively, going down a star could save quite a bit in some cases, especially if the amenities provided by that extra star are not vital to your stay.

Pro traveller tip: look for hotels with guest ratings much higher than their star ratings for superb value.

5 Stars

About €250 separated the highest and lowest average prices for a 5-star stay in popular destinations for Finnish travellers. Miami was the highest at €334 while Alanya in Turkey was the best value at €88. Finnish travellers could have stayed almost 4 nights in 5-star accommodation in Alanya for just 1 night in Miami.

Finns with an eye for a bargain would have found they could pay less than €20 more to upgrade to 5-star accommodation from 4-star in Chania, Gothenburg, Malmo and Riga.

10 lowest averages paid by Finnish travellers per night for 5-star accommodation in 2017
10 highest averages paid by Finnish travellers per night for 5-star accommodation in 2017
St Petersburg

4 Stars

There were 32 4-star places with averages of €100 or less. All in Europe or Asia, the best values were Pattaya, Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul. Other well-known destinations included Bali, Krabi and St Petersburg. Finnish destinations remained competitive but were up to €30 a night higher.

Kuala Lumpur

3 Stars

At the 3-star level, it was Asia and Europe again proving to be best value as there were 15 destinations where Finnish travellers could have stayed for less than €50 a night. Kuala Lumpur, Alanya and Pattaya were by far the best value at less than €30. The nearest Finnish destinations could get to this was Tampere at €74.


2 Stars

Asia again out-performed everywhere in terms of best value at 2-star level. The region had 11 destinations for less than €25 a night, including Bali, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. The only European city to match that was Vilnius, Lithuania, while the best value in the U.S. was Orlando at more than twice that price.

Average prices per night paid by Finnish travellers by star rating in selected cities in 2017
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