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Hotels.com Hotel Price Index™ 2017
  • Where was the best place for luxury for less?

Canadians had quite a choice of their favourite destinations with 4 and 5-star accommodation that cost less in 2017 than in 2016.

As the Japanese Yen weakened, the average price of a 5 star stay in Kyoto fell by 36% while a night in a 4 star propert hotel in Osaka fell 12%.

Even with the country celebrating its 150th birthday, domestic travellers could have found falling prices for 4-star accommodation in 2 Canadian destinations. Visitors to Abbotsford enjoyed a massive fall of 33% compared to 2016 and Lethbridge saw a 10% decrease in average price.

With the overall number of foreign visitors to the USA down slightly in 2017, several U.S. cities saw a drop in their 5 stars with Washington D.C. prices falling 17% and New Orleans down 14% compared with 2016.

Where prices paid per night by Canadian travellers at high-end properties fell the most between 2017 and 2016
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