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Hotels.com Hotel Price Index™ 2016
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Average hotel room prices per night paid by Canadian travellers by star rating during 2016 in 30 popular destinations

Looking for a budget weekend away, just for a change, or a luxury break for that special occasion? Then check out the price by star rating information shown here to see how to stretch your budget that little bit further. For instance, if value is more important than location, 5-star accommodation in many destinations off the beaten track can be booked for the same amount as lower star categories in more familiar locations. Want to upgrade? Moving up a star rating may not cost as much as you think. And alternatively, going down a star could save quite a bit in some cases, especially if the amenities provided by that extra star are not vital to your stay.

Pro traveller tip: look for hotels with guest ratings much higher than their star ratings for superb value.

Lowest average 5-star accommodation for Canadian travellers: Bangkok at $171 per night
Highest average 5-star accommodation for Canadian travellers: Anaheim at $729 per night

Living the luxury life

  • Just over $550 separated the highest and lowest average prices paid for a single night in 5-star hotels in the most popular cities for Canadian travellers. Anaheim topped the list at $729 a night, followed by Honolulu and Los Angeles. Overall, Canadian destinations offered much better value with nightly rates recorded at less than half that price.
  • The lowest 5-star averages were recorded in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Ho Chi Minh City. For the price of a single night in a 5-star hotel in Anaheim, Canadian travellers could have stayed for a whole four nights in one of Bangkok’s 5-star accommodation options
  • Ottawa was the only North American city to make the list of lowest 5-star average prices.
Top 10 lowest averages paid by Canadian travellers per night for 5-star hotels in 2016
  • Boston, Massachusetts
Top 10 highest averages paid by Canadian travellers per night for 5-star hotels in 2016

Mid-range choice at 4-stars

  • There were 12 destinations around the world with 4-star averages of $150 or less, with Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Bali forming the lowest three.
  • Calgary hovered just above this figure. Other Canada destinations found it harder to compete at this level, but still offered relatively attractive price averages in the $160-$225 range.
  • Some hugely popular international tourism destinations were also included in this group, such as Bangkok, Berlin and Las Vegas.

Budget savvy

  • In the 3-star ranking, there were another 12 destinations with price averages under $100 a night. This time, the lowest averages were found in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket, while several U.S. cities recorded averages which were over twice this figure.
  • 2016 demonstrated some great examples of 2-star value options, with nine destinations’ averages below $50 a night. Canadian cities were priced at $90 – $115 per night on average for this star rating.
  • For an inexpensive break in Europe, Athens was the best option and Orlando provided the best 2-star value for the U.S.
Average hotel room prices per night paid by Canadian travellers by star rating in selected cities in 2016
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