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Hotels.com Hotel Price Index™ 2016
  • Cities for $200 a night or less

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The star rating that was purchased by Canadian travellers with $200 a night or less on average in 30 popular destinations in 2016
Luxury hotel deals plentiful for Canadian travellers in Asia

Asia stood out in 2016 as the region where Canadian leisure and business travellers could find top-end luxury accommodation at extremely reasonable prices with the likes of Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Singapore all presenting a remarkable range of 5-star and 4-star options for less than $200 per night. Closer to home, Canadians had a harder time finding a similarly appealing mix of luxury and affordability since the U.S. recorded some of the highest price averages for 5-star accommodation. However, the domestic market provided them with some respite, with plenty of popular cities offering 4-star and 3-star nightly averages under the $200 threshold.

Las Vegas

Star rating category for $200 or less per night:

  • In the 5-star category, there were three destinations available for $200 or less per night on average: Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • There was a much wider and more varied selection at the 4-star level, with 23 destinations around the world meeting this price threshold, including four from Canada and Las Vegas from the USA.
  • Asia had the largest contingent, including Bali, Phuket and Singapore. Athens and Madrid were part of the European set and Latin America was represented by Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta. Dubai and Sydney completed this section.
  • More Canadian cities filed the 3-star ranking, including Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. More U.S. cities began to appear too, including Miami, Orlando and San Diego, amongst others. London, Paris and Rome were some of the European heavyweights to appear in this category.
  • The 2-star set was filled exclusively by the U.S., ranging east to west across the country, from New York to Honolulu with gems in-between such as Chicago, New Orleans and Los Angeles.
  • Vietnam
The star rating that was purchased by Canadian travellers with $200 a night or less on average in selected cities in 2016

Hotel star ratings explained

There is no universal star rating system. Each country has its own and, in some cases such as the UK, more than one. This means that travellers should be aware of a possible disparity of standards and facilities when booking rooms with the same star ratings in different countries.

Checking out guests reviews is another way of judging the standard of a hotel. Hotels.com has more than 25 million verified guest reviews from people who have actually stayed in the hotels and their opinions can really help travellers find the most rewarding travel experience possible. 

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