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Hotels.com Hotel Price Index™ 2017
  • What did Australian travellers pay for accommodation abroad?

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Average nightly hotel prices paid by Australian travellers in their 30 most popular international destinations in 2017
What Australian travellers paid in their Top 100 international destinations

Aussies love to travel with 42 different countries in their Top 100 destinations lists

HPI data shows that Australian travellers paid more for their hotel rooms overseas in just over half of their Top 100, compared with 2016. This may be down to the record visitor numbers in many markets that also helped drive averages higher. International tourist arrivals worldwide grew by 7% in 2017 to 1,322 million in 2017, according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer.

Australian’s recognise a bargain and headed to Asia as the region had 19 of the lowest averages prices in their Top 100 list.

  • Most popular outbound region: Europe
  • Best value region: Asia
  • Largest average price increase: Budapest at +23%
  • Largest average price drop: Da Nang at -16%

New Zealand

Australians were the largest visitor group to New Zealand, with 5 of its destinations in the Top 100.

Their nearest neighbour remained the #1 outbound destination for all visitor types in 2017.

Due to a short supply of hotel rooms, Queenstown had the highest average price paid at $271 a night, up 7% on 2016.

Christchurch was the best value, falling 2% to $146 as the opening of new hotels added to its continued recovery from the 2011 earthquake.

Average prices paid per night by Australian travellers in selected New Zealand destinations in 2017 compared with 2016 in AUD


Asian destinations take the Top 5 Australian places to visit

With 42 destinations in the Australian Top 100, Asia was by far their favourite region to visit.

Even though it recorded some of the highest price increases, Thailand was the most popular country for Australians in Asia with 9 places in the Top 100 list and 2 in the Top 10. At $55 a night, Kathu had the lowest average in the Top 100, despite a 16% rise, and it would have been possible to stay for three nights here for the same price as one in the more upmarket resort of Koh Samui.

Australian travellers found they’d have paid the highest prices in Macau, followed by Singapore, which averaged the same price as 2016, despite a rise in visitor numbers..

Bali was the #1 destination for Aussies in 2017 but the eruption of Mount Agung in December may have contributed to its 3% price fall.


The Australian Dollar strengthened against the Japanese Yen, which meant Australian travellers saw decreases in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, but all three places were at the upper end of the highest price table.

South Korea’s ongoing political tension with China meant that its tourism industry took a bit of a hit – the number of Chinese visitors fell by almost 50% in 2017, although visitors from other countries maintained their numbers. The average paid in Seoul fell 5% for Aussie visitors.

Australians visiting Filipino destinations saw a broad difference in prices with the rate in Boracay Island almost twice that of Manila and Cebu.

Hanoi was the only Vietnamese destination in the Top 100 to record an average price rise (9%). Da Nang, on the other hand saw a fall of 16%.

Average prices paid per night by Australian travellers in selected Asian destinations in 2016 compared with 2015 in AUD

North America

A rise in the Australian Dollar against the US Dollar meant that prices fell in 9 U.S. cities and any increases were kept to less than 10%.

With the overall number of foreign visitors to the USA down slightly in 2017, there were still 16 US cities included in the Top 100 for Australian travellers. Eight of these also appeared in the Top 10 highest priced destinations.

At 8th in the Top 100, New York was the most popular U.S. destination for Australian travellers and its average price fell by 2% on 2016.

There were 2 cities that averaged less than $200 a night and had decreasing averages: Orlando, which had the lowest average price paid and Las Vegas, which saw visitor numbers falling during the year.

Los Angeles enjoyed a record-breaking 48 million visitors on 2017, although many of these were domestic, and for Australians the average price to stay there actually fell 1%.

North of the border saw Canada celebrating its 150th anniversary and prices rose with it. Vancouver’s average price climbed 14% and, on the other side of the country, Toronto’s was up 19%.

Average prices paid per night by Australian travellers in selected North American destinations in 2017 compared with 2016 in AUD


London was the most popular European destination for Australians, Mykonos had the highest price paid and Istanbul was the best value.

The UK capital was the only European destination in the Aussie Top 10 list and its weakened Pound and number of new hotel rooms meant that its average fell by 2%.

Greece had a record breaking year for tourism, which is why Mykonos and Santorini occupied the top 2 spots for highest prices paid. Both destinations were up 9% in average price. Portugal was another record breaker and visitors to Lisbon paid 20% more on 2016 prices.

Spain celebrated as it overtook the USA to become the 2nd most visited country in the world and Aussies chose 3 Spanish destinations for their Top 100 list, all of them recording increased average prices. At the end of 2017, Seville was voted best city in the world to visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet, and was still offering good value, despite an increase of 12%. Barcelona had a turbulent year with the Catalonian independence vote and also imposing a moratorium on building new hotels, which could impact prices going forward.


Amsterdam also called a halt to new hotel building in much of the city. This lack of supply of hotel rooms, combined with the rise in visitor numbers to the city, helped trigger an increase of almost 10% in prices paid.

Paris was 11th most popular destination for Australian travellers and had a 2% price rise as the city continued to recover from terrorist attacks in 2015.

Istanbul was the best value in the region at $114 a night as the city saw a 2% price rise, followed by Budapest, whose price rocketed by 23% on 2016’s average.

Average prices paid per night by Australian travellers in selected European destinations in 2017 compared with 2016 in AUD

Rest of the world

Australian visitor numbers were up in Fiji and down in Dubai

Fiji enjoyed record visitor numbers, including a rise in Aussie travellers, and its average went up 10%. Dubai saw several new hotel openings in 2017, adding to the supply, reining in any price increases for Australians to just 1%.

Santiago and Buenos Aires were the only Latin American destinations in the Australian Top 10 and average prices in both cities fell.

Cape Town suffered a severe drought in December but over the year it saw average prices for Australian travellers rise 13%.

Average prices paid per night by Australian travellers in selected international destinations in 2017 compared with 2016 in AUD
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