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Hotels.com Hotel Price Index™ 2016
  • The Hotel Price Index Around the World

The Hotels.com Hotel Price Index was set at 100 in 2004, its inaugural year. Representing hotel price changes in an index shows the movement each year in actual prices paid per night by travellers, without foreign exchange fluctuations distorting the picture. Below, the movement in the Index is shown on a global and regional basis. More information about hotel prices paid in 2016 in individual destinations, as well as the reasons behind these changes, can be found in related posts below or via the menu.

Global HPI figures

  • The global HPI showed no significant change in 2016 compared to 2015, holding steady on 114 for the third year in a row.
  • The hotel industry is still some way from reaching its global peak of 117 recorded in 2007’s HPI, the year before the global economic crash.
  • The Caribbean HPI increased by two index points while North America and Europe both rose by one point. Asia remained steady but the Pacific fell one point and Latin America was also down by two.

Caribbean HPI

  • The Caribbean HPI rose two points or 1% in 2016, achieving a new record of 139 and maintaining its position as the region with the highest index.
  • After seven years of steady rises, the 2016 Caribbean HPI was 13 points above Latin America, its closest competitor in second place, and remained well ahead of all other regions.
United States of America

North America HPI

  • The North America HPI recorded a one point or 1% increase in 2016, reaching a record high of 120.
  • This result represents the seventh year of continuous growth in the region’s index since its low point of 96 in 2009.

Europe and Middle East HPI

  • The Europe and Middle East HPI also added one point in 2016, after two years of holding steady at 108, although this was not enough to generate a percentage rise.
  • The region has only risen nine index points since 2009 and it remains some way behind its 2007 peak of 116.

Asia HPI

  • The Asia HPI held at 99 points in 2016 but this halted the previous three-year slide down from the high point of 109 in 2012.
  • Asia remained the only region still lagging behind its initial 2004 level when the HPI was first established at 100.

Pacific HPI

  • The Pacific was one of two regions to see a decrease in its HPI as it lost one index point or 1%, falling to 121, which is consistent with the results of the previous two years.
  • In spite of these dropped points, it kept its place as the region with the third highest HPI, remaining just ahead of North America.

Latin America HPI

  • The Latin America HPI dropped for the second year running, falling two index points or 2% to 126.
  • However, due to its strong performance in previous years, it held onto its position as the second highest regional index, behind the Caribbean.
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