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Hotels.com Hotel Price Index™ 2016
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What international travellers paid

Australia has always enjoyed thriving tourism and hospitality industries thanks in large part to its near-unparalleled natural beauty and biodiversity, coupled with the vibrant, modern and inviting atmosphere of its coastal cities. A perennial favourite, Australia experienced a rise of international visitor arrivals of more than 10% in 2016, with the bulk of arrivals coming from China, the U.S. and the UK.

  • Accommodation prices for overseas guests decreased by an average of 1% across the country. The lowered accommodation price is driven more by the price decrease of destinations that previously benefited from the mining boom. Several popular destinations, such as Perth and Darwin, experienced double-digit percentage decreases – a result that can be largely attributed to the natural resources boom continuing to cool off in these states. Rates paid by overseas hotel guests fell or remained unchanged in 12 of the 20 most popular destinations and, in the country as a whole, the average was down by 1%.
  • HPI data shows that international visitors in general pay more for their hotel rooms than local guests, and this was certainly true for Australia in 2016, with a difference of $17 per night on average. Increased booking windows, and a higher level of room category selections, combined with the fact international travellers tend to select 5-star hotel options could all have contributed to this disparity between hotel room prices for international and domestic travellers.
  • The highest average paid was in Yulara, which also recorded the biggest price increase, followed by the Whitsunday Islands and Sydney, which was also the most popular destination for international arrivals.
  • Townsville saw the highest percentage fall and also reported the lowest average paid overall in the top 20, with Perth not far behind.
“Even as Australia’s international popularity increases, it still manages to maintain rates that represent exceptional value for money, given the sheer range of appealing locations, activities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences the country offers its guests. Falling average rates in many popular destinations in 2016 allowed international travellers a golden opportunity to trade up and enjoy longer stays or more luxurious accommodation options.” – Abhiram Chowdhry, Vice President APAC, for Hotels.com brand


  • Most popular destination for international visitors: Sydney
  • Largest average price increase: Yulara at +13%
  • Largest average price drop: Perth at -12%
  • Most popular domestic destination: Melbourne
  • Largest average price increase: Port Douglas at +8%
  • Largest average price drop: Perth at -11%

Download the full list of 20 cities analysed.

Average nightly hotel prices paid by Australian travellers in their 20 most popular domestic destinations in 2016
Average prices paid per night by international travellers in selected Australian destinations in 2016 compared with 2015 in AUD
City 2016 (AUS $) 2015 (AUS $) % Change
AUSTRALIA 172 174 -1%
Yulara 350 309 13%
Whitsunday Islands 257 257 0%
Sydney 221 221 0%
Port Douglas 205 198 3%
Melbourne 174 177 -2%
Perth 170 193 -12%
Cairns 153 149 2%
Brisbane 149 160 -7%
Darwin 137 152 -10%
Alice Springs 128 127 0%
Townsville 112 128 -13%
What Australian travellers paid
  • Perth saw the highest decrease of more than 10%, followed by Darwin and Townsville, which also had the lowest overall average price. Launceston and Cairns were also among those offering great value.
  • Melbourne was the most popular domestic destination, followed by Sydney and Brisbane. Melbourne and Brisbane’s prices both decreased slightly while Sydney’s price remained unchanged although it stayed as one of the highest average rates in the country.
  • Australian travellers paid the most on average in Yulara, with Whitsunday Islands next.

Download the full list of 20 cities analysed.

Average nightly hotel prices paid in the 20 most popular destinations for visitors to Australia in 2016
Average prices paid per night by Australian travellers in selected Australian destinations in 2016 compared with 2015 in AUD
City 2016 (AUS $) 2015 (AUS $) % Change
AUSTRALIA 155 157 1%
Yulara 343 312 10%
Whitsunday Islands 228 223 2%
Port Douglas 212 197 8%
Sydney 203 202 0%
Melbourne 172 179 -4%
Perth 164 184 -11%
Brisbane 153 162 -5%
Darwin 150 163 -8%
Cairns 146 143 2%
Launceston 140 137 2%
Townsville 124 131 -6%
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